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Businesses and Talk Fusion make a great pair! Talk Fusion is the intelligent way to stay in touch with clients, employees and business associates or promote sales and customer relations! 

Talk to one person or twenty or hundreds at a time! Send reminders and proposals and special offers via Video Email or Video Newsletters. Keep your communication face-to-face with Video Chat or hold video conferences and presentations with Live Meetings! 

From family-owned to Fortune 500, Talk Fusion is the answer for your business. Talk Fusion video communication products will build brand loyalty, increase customer relations and retention, reduce advertising costs, qualify sales leads and increase response rates.


So many ways to use
Talk Fusion for your business!

  • Home Tours

  • Sale Announcements

  • Product Demos

  • Training

  • Promotions

  • Events

  • Advertising

  • Customer Follow-Ups

  • Prospecting

  • New Lead Capture

  • Motivational Messages

  • Corporate News

  • Fundraising

  • Presentations

  • Appointment Reminders

  • Special Instructions

  • Customer Appreciation

  • Qualify Leads

  • Invitations

  • Trackable Marketing











It's the Video Marketing Solution
your business can't do without.


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Our Business Marketing Products


1. Video Chat - Click here and see how even the deaf are able to talk face to face!

2. Video Email - Click to check this beautiful Video Email

3. Video Newsletter -Click to see this American Video Newsletter or this African one!

4. Live Meetings - Click here to Join an Online Meeting -Video-Conferencing